Matching font size and type to increase Google AdSense click through rate

It is not surprising that good blending of Google AdSense ads can increase click through rate and improve revenue. How about font size and font style? What kinds of font types are used in Google AdSense ads? Is it possible to match Google AdSense font?

Google recommends testing different blending options and color schemes for the best performance. But what about font matching?

Google AdSense does not offer an option to change font size and type. You can change the color scheme of ad that you would like to use. And you can adjust font on the page. So, what font type and size you should use to match AdSense font?

The AdSense ad is using iframe. The iframe element creates an inline frame that contains another document. This means that it’s a small page inside the frame of ad size. And this is the reason, why you can’t apply your CSS style from the stylesheet to this part of the page. This is different “page” and the style for iframe is embedded into it.

So, you have to look at the source code of this iframe. Right click on Google AdSense ad and select “View Source” from menu. You’ll get the source code of this frame and would be able to figure out font-size and font-family. As an example, font-size:10px and font-family:arial,sans-serif were used for links in my 160x600 ad. It appears that font-size could be different for different ad sizes. So, figure out what is used for ad that you are using.

Check font matching for this site: Adventure Literature or this page of Jack London's book

Look for the AD that is located in the left column. I have not tested clickthrough rate for this AD. But this is something that I plan to do in the nearest future.

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