Want to make more money-follow the money path.

A lot of us are using AdSense as monetizing model to convert traffic from content site to into money. It is an easy way. Although, we know that the easy way is not necessarily the best one.

Just follow the money path and you’ll probably discover that you are loosing much more that can potentially gain. This is really obvious. You know the niche you are writing about. Because the simplest way to get organic traffic is to write interesting and valuable content. Search engines like this.

And you understand your visitors. You know where they came from and what they are looking for-you analyzing statistics, aren’t you?  After all those efforts of making your site up and running, after spending some time on SEO and writing content you are going to give up. Are you so cheap that you are ready to sell all your work for a few cents per click? Even worse. Google is driving your traffic away from your site. All because it is so easy to implement Google ads and start getting money.

There are much more opportunities to convert your traffic into money. Review ads on your page. People are willing to pay money to show relevant ads. Why they are doing this? Because they expect to get more from your traffic that you can get from those clicks. Some of their expectations are wrong. Successful AdWords advertising is not simple and some advertisers are disappearing over time. But some of them are expanding their campaigns and proving that AdWords really work for them. Follow successful paths. Google AdSense already did half of marketing work for you. Follow those links. This is where real money goes. Analyze their business models. Check if they have affiliate program. May be they are affiliates of other companies. Most of AdWords advertisers are. If so, find out who is offering affiliate program that is used.

In general, you don’t need to compete with AdWords advertisers. Remember, you already have organic traffic that is relevant to ads those guys are paying for. It is free. You have this strong advantage over them. After you’ll check your conversion ratio you can get clear picture of what could be paid for AdWords traffic and expand your earnings with your own AdWords campaign. This could be painless and inexpensive way of joining the world of PPC marketing.

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