Battle for Wesnoth-not on my Nokia 770 yet
Nokia 770 Internet Tablet

Yes, it is true. This excellent fantasy strategy game will work only on Nokia 800. Being big fan of strategy games, I’m suffering from the fact that only few of them are ported to internet tablet. And even less for Nokia 770.

Of course my internet tablet is not so powerful personal computer as one of the latest desktops powered by Intel or AMD. But if you’ll go back for 7-10 years and review some games popular those times…

I feel that Nokia’s internet tablet has big unused potential. While looking for travel companion and e-book reader, it is probably one of the best portable platforms. Excellent screen resolution, good battery life. Price wise, after latest deals from for Nokia 770, it is almost unbeatable. Just some additional software including more choices of nice strategic games and what else you can desire from pocket sized internet tablet.

Returning to Battle for Wesnoth. I’ve heard about some problems with getting this nice game from known repositories. It looks like this problem is fixed by now. However, I decided to host the latest version 1.2.6 at my site in case you would not be able to get this from anywhere else together with some other Battle for Wesnoth resources:

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