Mini-FireFox, mozilla based MINIMO browser for Nokia 770
Nokia 770 Internet Tablet

Internet tablet is the name of Nokia 770 and Nokia 800. This speaks for itself. You can use it to browse internet. And while doing so I realized that built in Opera based browser has some limitations.

I started to look for a substitute and read about mozilla based minimo browser for Nokia 770. Very soon I was able to find minimo distribution for my Nokia. Thanks to Antonio Gomes who developed this OSS software. When I tried to install it I got an error message, saying that some libraries are missing. I had no idea where to look for them. After spending some time in disappointing efforts, I was able to find these files and install MINIMO. You can see it running on my Nokia 770 on these screenshots.

MINIMO browser for Nokia 770


MINIMO browser for Nokia 770

Being complete novice to internet tablet, Open Source Software and Linux, I’m having several troubles with a number of software installations. Some repositories don’t work, some packages are missing. To make this experience less disappointing to newbie like me, I decided to put together some software packages I had trouble with and host them at this site. This is not one click install, just open the link from you Nokia browser and install opened file. Or save them to your MMC card and install later. And the first one is MINIMO 0.20.2 internet browser for Nokia 770.

Download and install these files in the following order:

  1. x11-common_7.0.14osso1_armel.deb
  2. libice6_1.0.0-3_armel.deb

  3. libsm6_1.0.0-5_armel.deb

  4. libxt6_1.0.0-6_armel.deb

  5. minimo_0.20.2_armel.deb

Please let me know if something is broken. Your comments and suggestions are highly appreciated
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