PDF files on my Internet Tablet-Nokia770/800 and other mobile devices
Nokia 770 Internet Tablet

There are 2 major PDF-Readers for Nokia 770/800. One that comes with OS and the other one - EVINCE. I was exited with quality and resolution of Nokia 770 display and felt that it would be easy to read PDF files. Unfortunately both PDF readers are not doing their job right. At least for mobile devices.

I’m addicted to reading from mobile devices. It’s all started when I tried reading e-books from my PALM3C. It was surprisingly enjoyable. It is even more fan to read text from Nokia Internet Tablet. Everything except PDF.

Both PDF readers for Internet Tablet are properly displaying content of PDF files. The problem is that majority of PDF files are prepared with desktop reading in mind. This means that they are using relatively small fonts. And it is necessary to use zoom to be able to read text. Well… Zoom works fine on my Nokia. The problem is to navigate after zooming. I’m not very comfortable moving the picture left and right for each row.

Evince is better than original PDF reader but suffers from the same problem.

Is it the right time to quit weeping about something that is impossible for small mobile device? I’ve seen really good solution for my old PALM3C with 160x160 screen resolution. PDF solution for PALM included 2 parts - viewer that was installed on handheld and converter for PC. PDF files were reformatted and transferred to handheld.

This was easy to view solution that worked even better on newer PALM’s with bigger resolution or on pocket PC.

So, what is wrong with Nokia Internet Tablet? Nothing is really wrong except the simple fact that there is no solution of that kind. Why? I was asking myself this question and could not find an answer. May be it was considered that having big resolution is enough to view normally formatted PDF files. I feel that it is very wrong concern because the screen size is only slightly bigger than on most PDA’s. So, this resolution does not matter.

I started to look for the way to work out this problem. Here is my solution. It is not the very best but works for me in most cases.

There is an excellent e-book reader FBReader that is ported to Nokia 770/800. It is very flexible and could be configured to use different font sizes and formatting. Navigation through pages is simple and does not require touch screen iteration. Just zoom buttons on the top and you can easily navigate through pages while holding your Nokia with the sane hand. Unfortunately it can’t read PDF.

So, my way to view PDF file on Nokia 770 is to convert it to text. If this file is mostly text file, this works very well. If it uses a lot of pictures-EVINCE is good enough view them. I found this free software that works reasonable well and allows to convert PDF to text. Everything else is done by FBReader on my Nokia 770.

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