The Battle for Wesnoth on my Nokia 770
Nokia 770 Internet Tablet

Cool strategic game for Nokia 770/800. And it is free!!!

If you’ve seen my previous post you may think that I’m kidding. I’m not. I was wrong. The Battle for Wesnoth works on my Nokia 770.


Yes, it is slow. It takes about a minute to load. Sometime it is freezes for a little while. It takes more than 30MB of memory and I have only 10MB left. But it works and these screenshots are speaking for themselves. The only one problem that I had with installation was one missing library package. Though it is not surprising for open source packages for Nokia 770.


I don’t want to describe fun playing this game. It reminded something that was done for PC but not exactly. It is turn base strategy game with some elements of RPG. I just passed 2 level of tutorial and killed all orks that met on my way. Some of my units were promoted to more advanced levels. Not very complicated so far.


After installing this game I started to think that may be it makes sense to have double boot and install OS2007 HE on the second partition. I’m using 2GB Kingston MMC card, so this will free a lot of memory on my main system and would allow having a couple of my favorite Nokia games on the second one.

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