Configuring Front page view of your Joomla site

The major thing that I remember is that it is very easy to do. After spending half an hour for one more time, I finally decided to write this down.

It is very easy to configure what articles and in which order you want to display as front page content. Select the checkbox in ‘Content Items Manager’ and chose which article you want to display on Front Page. Headers of selected articles would appear on Joomla Front Page. Then go to Front Page manager in the same Content menu of Joomla administration panel and reorder your front page articles. And then the most confusing part begins. You starting to look around for layout properties and can’t find anything related. The tricky part is that these properties are configured in completely different place of administration console.

From the top menu of Joomla administration console go to menu   --> mainmenu screen. You’ll see the table with names of menu items. The first Published item in this Menu (mainmenu) is the default `Home page` for your site. Click on the name of your first published menu item in mainmenu and you will see ‘Edit menu item’ screen. In the right part of this screen you’ll see configuration option for the type of the content you want to display at your home page. It could be Front Page component, Blog - Content Category, Table - Newsfeed Category, List - Content Section or whatever type of link to the content representation you want to be displayed at your home page. And if this type of the content has options to change its data representation, you can do it here. And, for example, if your first published item in mainmenu is ‘Blog - Content Section’, you can configure amount of leading items, amount of columns after leading part, number of items to be displayed with introduction text and etc.

I’ve seen these questions asked for a couple of times in different Joomla and Mambo forums. I believe that you’ll find this description to be detailed enough and helpful.

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