Migrating Joomla from 1.0xx to 1.5xx with SimpleScripts or Fantastico

I prefer to use SimpleScripts to handle one-click installation of the web's most popular applications. SimpleScripts seems to be more flexible than Fantastico and what is more important, is updated more frequently than Fantastico. My goal was to migrate my Joomla site from 1.0xx to 1.5xx, keeping SimpleScripts capability of upgrading 1.5xx installation for future releases.

Just want to remind you, that Joomla 1.5 uses different than Joomla 1.0x database structure. This means that you have to convert data from old mySQL database to the new one.

Just before you start-Backup everything. There are a couple of different ways to do this. I would not cover this topic here. The main thing that you should care about while selecting backup method-you have to be sure that you’ll be able to restore everything if things will go wrong. I would also recommend to keep old Joomla 1.0x database. Some hosting plans are limiting amount of databases that you may have on one account. My hosting provider gives at least 100 databases. This means that I don’t have to worry and can keep my old database. It is not likely that I’ll have 100 of Joomla or Wordpress sites on one account.

Backup your 1.0x Joomla database. Save this backup to your hard drive.

Delete old Joomla files to be able to perform clean install of Joomla 1.5x. You may try to make test install before deleting old one. Create temporary directory and try to migrate your site there before making your final decision. In this case, skip deletion phase and install in this temp directory.  Don’t use uninstall feature of SimpleScripts or Fantastico, if your previous installation was created by them, because you may want to keep your old mySQL database. I used unlimited FTP to delete files.

Use SimpleScripts, Fantastico or any other method to install Joomla 1.5x

Download and install mtwMigrator component. Then start it from Component menu. Start global configuration from mtwMigrator menu. Enter configuration settings. Hostname is usually localhost, Database Name-name of your old database that you want to migrate. It should be full name, something like ACCOUNTNAME_JOMLATABLESNAME. Username and password- username and password for this database.  Prefix is Joomla tables prefix, and default value is usually jos_.  Answer yes to majority of questions (checkboxes) at the right portion of the configuration page.

Save configuration and press start migration. If you are getting an error message, you’ve entered something wrong in configuration. After some time you should get report page, telling the status of migration. You have migrated Joomla from 1.0xx to 1.5xx. Check other configuration settings; turn on legacy support if required. And you may want to use one of available SEF components to redirect old links to proper content.

This migration will work for your content. Majority of 3rd party components that you used before should be migrated with their own migration scripts or manually. This should not be a problem as soon as you kept old database.

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